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Nicole Besack



In her painting work, Nicole Besack works from the colors first and foremost, allowing the movement of each color to dictate the overall feeling and eventual images that might arise.  From an early age Nicole cultivated a love for the arts.  While a student at the San Francisco Waldorf School she was able to explore visual arts through drawing and painting and the rich Waldorf curriculum. In the art program at Mt Holyoke College in Massachusetts, she became more and more passionate about developing her artistic skills and sculpted mainly in clay and metal, but also painted with oils and worked extensively at printmaking.  Concomitantly, she studied voice and English literature. Upon graduating, Nicole became a Kindergarten Teacher and then a Waldorf Class Teacher and continued her painting work in her free time. 

In 2004, she married and moved to Alsace-Lorraine in eastern France and has been occupied with raising her three children and making unique felt tapestries on themes from fairy tales, bible stories and other European folklore. For over three years she also worked at veil painting, a watercolor technique elaborated by Rudolf Steiner and the French artist Liane Collot-d’Herbois at the beginning of the last century. More recently, she has been exploring painting with oils on canvas from an Anthroposophical perspective, mainly trying to discover spiritual insights through the act of painting.  This has led to a very interesting work and a series of paintings is emerging that is exploring the question of what is, where is, who is “I AM”?  Having an intention before putting the brush on the canvas and keeping these questions alive while painting not only awakens the thinking, feeling and will forces, but also enlivens the painting which then begins to speak back echoing or “mirroring” the question which was the impulse for the exercise.  Through the actual work of painting, Nicole aims to awaken the I AM within and allow the artistic elements to flow out of spiritual activity. In essence, her artwork is spiritual research, tending towards the inner being and not outwards towards the material world. The beauty– Luciferic affinities — of the final image is not the goal, and technical mastery — Ahrimanic influence — where fine details and a methodological handling of the medium is not what is being striven for either… The ultimate aim of the work is to call forth questions from the viewer and perhaps spark a light of understanding into what could be called a spiritual search. 

Nicole is also a classically trained opera singer (lyric soprano) who works with the vocal exercises which were developed by Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström and which are used in the “School of Uncovering the Voice”. Nicole and her family will soon be moving to Southern New Hampshire where she will begin teaching kindergarten at the Monadnock Waldorf School. Please visit  here to see her latest artwork for sale. 

7 responses to “About Artist

  1. Dear Nicole I’d like to use one of your paintings for a poster in a project that I have. Is it possible to offer it for free?

      • It’s an anthroposophical youth meeting, I can give further details by email (please send a reply to the email I provided on the form, as I couldn’t find your address on the website).

  2. I am looking to commission an Anthroposophical artist for my upcoming book. My contact info is included. Would you please contact me so that I can give you more info?

    • Hello,
      I would love to talk to you about doing some paintings for your book. Please let me know what your project is and what you are looking for and we can see if it is something I can delve into. I am looking forward to hearing more about your vision.


      Nicole Besack

  3. Is it possible to use your work in an online devotion? Everyone who contributes does so for free. I love the pregnancy painting and fits the theme perfectly. I will share the editor’s information with you once I get an email from you. Thanks so very much!

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