First Oil Painting Using Layers and Glazes

Michael Awakening the Personality and Conscience


For awhile now I have been dreaming of doing some oil painting and so I finally began some paintings a few weeks ago. This is the first one that I feel is close to finished.  It has been a challenge trying to use this new medium.  Like learning to do karate when I have only done Tai Chi before.  I began painting with a single idea in mind and as I painted I discarded some of the first superficial images that arrived until I came to this image. There are many layers of paint, but it is not the same as watercolor “veil” painting as it feels more sculptural as the actual painting pigments are so much more dense and thick.  The “I” is the angel attempting to awaken the personality who is sleeping in the light of the white mountains.  The cold of the ice has kept him mental and in hibernation.  There is someone who is even more asleep than the white figure though and this  is the form of “Essence” who is not really sleeping, but completely submerged in the black lake of the subconscious.  She has a deep warmth within her and when she begins to manifest and awakens will be a sword of heat and strength, cutting through the veil of shadows and with the help of the white Knight the two working together will be able to walk in “reality”.

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One response to “First Oil Painting Using Layers and Glazes

  1. Dear Raweurope,

    Could you please make contact by email? This is to do with the possibility of exhibiting your work on our new web site which will be up and running around 17 April. Please don’t look at the current web site which is now quite old.


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