Felt Landscape on Silk

This is a felted tapestry that was needle felted on silk and then wet felted.  The landscape is right near my house and my children and I take our walks down this little tractor road.  I liked the shadows and the fall hues and tried to make the image bright and rich in color.  We picked bowls and bowls of luscious blackberries and baskets of walnuts from the bushes and trees beyond the two trees in the middle of the picture, this fall.  This is the road to Switzerland as well.  You can walk another half a mile and suddenly you pass into Rodersdorf, Switzerland.  Sometimes we have had to walk from the tram in Switzerland to our house in France along this tiny route with corn on one side and fields of wheat on the other and horse riders as well as the occasional dog walker. One never knows if one should say “bonjour” or “Grutzi”.

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